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Gear motor for sectional and up-and-over doors automation

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Product information

The Spy550 is a 24 Vdc irreversible electromechanical gear motor for residential use. It is ideal for any architectural context, thanks to the absence of chains or other noisy mechanisms: the motor is the only component that moves on the rail (the rail is not included in the LCA study). The Spybox is a separate control unit that provide a more practical and convenient programming and maintenance. Three practical keys that control the automation, obstacle detection, motor power monitoring during travel, diagnostic messages via flashing light and courtesy light make the Spy550 a safer equipment.

The nominal mechanical power of the Spy550 is equal to 27 W, and it allows the movement of applications of sectional and up-and-over doors. Secondary packaging is composed by a cardboard box, and a LDPE bag; tertiary packaging is composed by a wooden pallet and LDPE tape.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-01808
Publication/issue date: 2019-12-09
Valid until: 2024-12-08
Verified by: Martin Erlandsson
Reference PCR(s): AC and DC gear motors for automation systems

Company information

Nice S.p.A.
Company name: Nice S.p.A.
Country: Italy
Contact: Mattia Gava
Website: www.niceforyou.com

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