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Port of Bilbao operation services

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Product information

The Port of Bilbao, is one of the most important transport and logistics centers of the European Atlantic Arc. Its wide range of maritime services connects it with more than 850 ports around the world. It operates 24 hours a day and every day of the year, without problems of drafts or tides.

The Port of Bilbao is comitted to identifying all the environmental aspects attributed to its activities and services, specially those which can be directly influenced, adopting the appropiate measures for minimizing and controlling its environmental impact, and making its Environmental Policy available to empolyees, customers and other relevant stakeholders that may be interested.

A flexible and dynamic port, capable of accommodating any type of vessel and merchandise and with a specialized service for all traffic. The EPD statement of the Port of Bilbao covers the following processes:

  • Upstream module: Fuel production, raw material production, port’s infraestructure construction, port’s buildings construction, dredging during construction.
  • Core module: Machinery, vehicles and buildings maintenance, consumption of fuel in machinery and boilers, electricity production, transport of cargo and staff, maintenance dredging.
  • Downstream module: Waste treatment.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-01510
Publication/issue date: 2019-03-21
Valid until: 2024-03-20
Verified by: Marcel Gómez Ferrer
Reference PCR(s): Port operation services
Geographical scope: Spain

Company information

Port Authority of Bilbao
Company name: Port Authority of Bilbao
Country: Spain
Contact: Ibai Uria Gaztelu-Iturri
Website: www.bilbaoport.eus

Included products in this epd

    • Cargo manipulation services
    • Passenger transport services

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