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OVOMET® Eggshell membrane powder & OVOCET® Calcium for human consumption

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Product information

The environmental aspects of two similar products for human consumption are declared in this EPD, OVOMET® and OVOCET®.

OVOCET® is obtained from the eggshell calcium carbonate (CaCO3), and is used as a supplementary source of highly absorbable calcium for both human and animal consumption. Calcium is a crucial element for a healthy diet, having direct responsibility for the strength of bones and teeth.

OVOMET® is an all natural edible product based on the egg membrane. The egg membrane is a natural ingredient obtained from the inner membrane that covers the shell of the egg. Eggshell membranes are composed of fibrous proteins such as collagen type I, glucosamine, hyaluronic acic, glycosaminoglycans like dermatan sulphate and chondroitin sulphate, and other components including lysozyme, ovotransferrin and desmosine and isodesmosin. Eggshell membrane is recommended by the NHPD (Natural Health Products Directorate of Canada) to help relieve the joint pain associated with processes of osteoarthritis, as well as to help reduce the stiffness and joint pain

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00983
Publication/issue date: 2016-11-07
Version date: 2016-11-07
Valid until: 2019-11-07
Verified by: Rubén Carnerero Acosta
Reference PCR(s): Edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere classified
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Company name: EGGNOVO S.L.
Country: Spain
Contact: EGGNOVO S.L.
Website: www.eggnovo.com

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