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SGG DIAMANT Extra clear low-iron glass

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Product information

SGG DIAMANT is a low iron soda-lime silicate glass produced using the float procedure to be used in building, furniture and industrial applications, especially when high transparency, neutral aesthetics and optical brilliance is required.

SGG DIAMANT very low iron oxide content gives it optimum clarity. It is a highly transparent extra clear glass, which has very little residual color. It has a unique appearance and very specific optical qualities.

This glass is in conformity with the European Standard EN 572-2. 

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00883
Publication/issue date: 2016-09-20
Version date: 2018-09-26
Valid until: 2021-09-15
Verified by: EPD Process Certification
Reference PCR(s): PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Geographical scope: Europe
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company information

Saint-Gobain Glass France
Company name: Saint-Gobain Glass France
Country: France
Website: www.saint-gobain.com
Certification verified by: Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB

Included products in this epd

    SGG DIAMANT 3 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 4 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 5 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 6 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 8 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 10 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 12 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 15 mm

    SGG DIAMANT 19 mm

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