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Icon Access Floor System

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Product information

ASP Access Floors Pty Ltd manufactures, distributes and installs access floors across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South East Asia and other countries. The EPD includes the following Steel Cementitious (SC) panel access flooring systems: SC Ultrafix, SC Air Tight and SC HPL. The cementitious compound, steel and aluminium used have verified recycled contents of 97%, 97% and 100% respectively. The declared unit presented is one square metre (1m2). All life cycle stages from extraction of raw materials to product installation are included, the scope being Cradle to Gate plus Options (A1-3, A4 and A5).

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00863
Publication/issue date: 2017-03-15
Version date: 2019-03-11
Valid until: 2022-03-15
Verified by: Jonas Bengtsson
Reference PCR(s): PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Geographical scope: Australia
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company information

ASP Access Floors
Company name: ASP Access Floors
Country: Australia
Contact: Angela Zlatar
Website: www.aspfloors.com.au

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Included products in this epd

    • Icon X S3/S4
    • Icon X S5/S6
    • Icon Air
    • Icon HPL

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