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Polyamide Scrap Recovery Service

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Product information

The purpose of this EPD is to clarify some aspects of the recovery process, by sharing the information and the knowledge that RadiciGroup Plastics has acquired in the course of over thirty years of experience in managing the entire plastics production chain. This information is intended for whoever wants to understand the environmental contribution from the recycling and re-use of post-industrial plastic waste and scrap for the production of secondary raw materials to be used in the manufacture of second-generation engineering plastics.

This EPD assesses the environmental impact of the recovery chain of polyamide plastic waste as managed by Radici, and the environmental contribution of the production of secondary materials used for post-industrial grade compound by the trade name Heramid®.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00708
Registration date: 2015-06-16
Version date: 2017-05-10
Valid until: 2018-04-30
Verified by: EPD Process Certification
Reference PCR(s): Plastic waste and scrap recovery (recycling) services
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Radici Novacips S.p.A.
Company name: Radici Novacips S.p.A.
Country: Italy
Contact: Susanna Caprotti
Website: www.radicigroup.com/plastics
Certification verified by: Certiquality Srl

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