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Sintofoil Waterproofing Systems

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Product information

SINTOFOIL synthetic membranes have got a range of properties which provide outstanding waterproofing performance:

  • Freedom from chlorine and other potential pollutants;
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering agents and UV radiation;
  • Root resistance;
  • Mechanical strength and puncture resistance;
  • Softness and flexibility, even at low temperatures;
  • Excellent weldability and ease of repair throughout service life;
  • Welded seams are easily inspected;

Total recyclability and environmental compatibility

  • Generally, Sintofoil membrane are designed specifically for:
  • Adhesive bonded waterproofing on exposed roofing (can be bonded with bitumen)
  • Renewing and rejuvenating waterproof bitumen covering materials
  • Waterproofing layers applied for roofing exposed to foot and vehicular traffic and roof gardens
  • Mechanically retained waterproofing on exposed roofs.

This EPD has been registered as an ECO Platform EPD with ECO EPD Reference number 00000281. The International EPD System is a founding member of the ECO Platform and its procedures has undergone a peer audit to be able to use this logotype. All EPDs of construction products from different programmes that carry the ECO logotype are listed here.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00670
ECO EPD reference number: 00000281
Publication/issue date: 2016-01-27
Valid until: 2020-06-18
Verified by: ICMQ S.p.A.
Reference PCR(s): Flexible sheets for waterproofing - bitumen, plastic or rubber sheets for roof waterproofing (expired 2017-07-10; replaced)
Geographical scope: Global
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company information

Imper Italia S.r.l.
Company name: Imper Italia S.r.l.
Country: Italy
Contact: Rotolo Alessandro
Website: www.imper.it

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