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Product information

Insulating slabs made of Isover glass wool. The production method is based on the fibering of glass melt with additives. The product is applied for interior building systems like partitions, wall linings, suspended ceilings and floors (installation to the cavity between beams). The product is also used for thermal and sound insulation of pitched roofs and mansards.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00662
Publication/issue date: 2020-03-06
Valid until: 2025-03-06
Verified by: Marcel Gómez Ferrer
Reference PCR(s): PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Sub-PCR-I Thermal insulation products (EN 16783)
Geographical scope: Russia
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company information

Saint-Gobain Isover Russia
Company name: Saint-Gobain Isover Russia
Country: Russia
Contact: Elena Pankova
Website: www.isover.ru
Management systems: ISO 9001:2008 ; ISO 14001:2004

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