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Monini D.O.P. Umbria extra virgin olive oil

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Product information

Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives harvested and pressed in Umbria, the prevailing varieties are Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. Its unique characteristics are such to merit the recognition of the EU Protected Designation of Origin P.D.O. Its fine bouquet and woody notes of typical Umbrian oils make it suitable for use as a condiment, especially on game, grilled meats and in legume soups.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00648
Publication/issue date: 2014-12-10
Version date: 2019-12-12
Valid until: 2020-12-18
Verified by: Ugo Pretato
Reference PCR(s): Virgin olive oils and its fractions
Geographical scope: Global

Company information

Monini S.p.A
Company name: Monini S.p.A
Country: Italy
Contact: Vania Massari
Website: www.monini.com
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000

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