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TENA Rettangolare

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Product information


TENA Rettangolare is a product for light to moderate incontinence. It is available with or without leakage barriers. The usage with TENA fixation pants ensures user comfort and leakage protection.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00644
Registration date: 2015-05-04
Version date: 2017-10-17
Valid until: 2020-10-17
Verified by: Håkan Stripple
Reference PCR(s): Absorbent hygiene products
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Company name: Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Country: Sweden
Contact: Ellen Riise
Website: www.essity.com
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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