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Product information


TENA Flex is a belted product that allows for easier, more ergonomic changing and with a comfortable, discreet fit. The product provides anatomically shaped protection with double absorption cores for leakage security. Both the ComfiStretch waist belt and the waist band are flexible and stretchy and easily adjust to fit different body shapes. Combined with the curved leg elastics and noise-free textile materials the product provides discreet, safe incontinence protection with a really snug, comfortable fit. It has high-performance leakage barriers for added protection, whether the individual is standing, sitting or lying down.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00641
Publication/issue date: 2015-05-04
Version date: 2018-10-17
Valid until: 2020-10-17
Verified by: Håkan Stripple
Reference PCR(s): Being updated - Absorbent hygiene products (valid until 2020-02-19)
Geographical scope: Europe

Company information

Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Company name: Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Country: Sweden
Contact: Anna-Karin Gunnergren
Website: www.essity.com
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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Included products in this epd

    1. TENA Flex Normal M (722234)
    2. TENA Flex Normal L (722334)
    3. TENA Flex Plus S (723130) 
    4. TENA Flex Plus M (723230)
    5. TENA Flex Plus L (723330)
    6. TENA Flex Plus XL (723430)
    7. TENA Flex Super S (724130) 
    8. TENA Flex Super M (724230) 
    9. TENA Flex Super L (724330) 
    10. TENA Flex Super XL (724430) 
    11. TENA Flex Maxi S (725122) 
    12. TENA Flex Maxi M (725222) 
    13. TENA Flex Maxi L (725322) 
    14. TENA Flex Maxi XL (725421)