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NCC Composite bridge concept

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Product information

The NCC Composite bridge is a composite bridge made of concrete and steel. It allows for bridges in spans of up to 100 meters.

The declared bridge is a concept bridge that is in the design stage and has not yet been built. The location of the bridge and therefore the site of the construction and groundwork as well as the final application and the equipment are not defined.

The NCC Composite bridge is exemplified in this EPD by a pedestrian and bicycle bridge with dimensions as given and with girders made of stainless steel. The example bridge is bridge 15- 1787-1 in the project road 27 Viared-Kråkered in the Borås municipality, Sweden.

The NCC Composite bridge consists of a structure of steel girders supporting a slab of concrete. In contrast to a conventional composite bridge, the NCC Composite bridge is fixed in the abutments, which also allows for the dimension of the girders to be significantly reduced. The NCC Composite bridge may be carried out with stainless steel girders, which is the case for the declared bridge.

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-00627
Publication/issue date: 2014-11-20
Version date: 2014-11-20
Valid until: 2017-11-04
Verified by: Carl-Otto Nevén
Reference PCR(s): Bridges and elevated highways (replaced; de-registered)
Geographical scope: Sweden

Company information

NCC Construction Sweden AB
Company name: NCC Construction Sweden AB
Country: Sweden
Contact: Larissa Strömberg
Website: www.ncc.se
Management systems: ISO 14001

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