Creating EPD - Environmental Product Declarations

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Creating EPD

An EPD is created by an organisation to declare the environmental impact of their product. The International EPD® System is open to EPDs for any type of goods or services.

New to EPD?

An introductory brochure is available to explain the basics.

If you cannot perform the underlying LCA study internally and need assistance finding a consultant, a list is available on this page.

Learn how to create an EPD

Useful documents when creating an EPD

General Programme Instructions

General Programme Instructions


Sets the overall rules for the International EPD® System


Product Category Rules

Product Category Rules


Sets detailed rules for development of EPDs in different product categories. PCRs for about 100 product categories are already available.

 EPD template (non-construction products)

This template is intended as a starting point and best practice. The use of this template is voluntary and it does not override the mandatory requirements in the PCR.


Documents for EPD registration and publication

Registration form

Registration form


The registration form, the verified EPD and supporting documentation shall be submitted to the Secretariat.


Verification templates

Mandatory templates for verification of construction product EPD:

This template is mandatory to use for EPDs of construction products claiming compliance with the standard EN 15804.