Commercial long steel hot-rolled manufactured from steel scrap

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Product information

Profile U 
Gerdau profile U is a structural profile U used to carry load weight and is commonly employed in construction of nonresidential buildings, steps for staircases, foundation applications, and in OEM manufacturing of tractor trailers, and heavy-duty equipment and machinery.

Angles profile
Gerdau produces a wide range of sizes of Angles profile, with a lot of applications from weight support in structural building to large and small joists and decking, metal buildings, framework, decorative and ornamental applications, racking, and others. 

Square Bars
Because of its square bars, Gerdau MBQ Squares are ideal in OEM production Square bars and ornamental applications such as furniture, fasteners, bolts and screws.

Rounds Bars 
Gerdau Rounds bars are available in a large range of diameters, allowing for a lot of  and ornamental items, such as mattresses and appliances to machined parts in the automotive industry for trucks and cars. 

Flats bars
Gerdau manufactures a range of widths and thicknesses of flats bars, allowing for a wide scope of applications. The flats bars are commonly processed for small strip applications such as durable goods, to large sections utilized in structural nonresidential construction applications as baseplate and brackets, as well as tanks, barges and railcars.

Detailed information

Registration number:
Registration date:
July 29, 2020
Valid until:
March 22, 2025
Geographical scopes:

Company information

Company Name:
Gerdau Corsa

Included products in this EPD

  • Profile U 
  • Angles profile 
  • Square Bars
  • Rounds Bars 
  • Flats bars
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