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Sector EPD

Examples of Sector EPD for peas, roof waterproofing and medium density fibreboards.

Sector EPD

An EPD can be created, not only for a single manufacturer, but also by an industry association.

List of Sector EPDs

A list of all published Sector EPDs is available here.

The International EPD® System allows for an industry association to develop an EPD in the form of a sector EPD. A sector EPD declares the average product of multiple companies in a clearly defined sector and/or geographical area. Any communication of the results from a sector EPD should contain the information that the results are based on averages obtained from the sector as defined in the EPD. The communication shall not claim that the sector EPD results are representative for a certain manufacturer or its product.

In the context of EN 15804, a Sector EPD is sometimes referred to as an “Average EPD”. Elsewhere, they could be referred to as "Industry-wide EPD" or "generic EPD".

For more information, see the General Programme Instructions or contact the Secretariat.