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Machine-readable EPD

Examples of machine-readable EPDs

Machine-readable EPD

The International EPD® System allows for the possibility to adapt the information given to specific user needs and market applications by introducing the concept of “machine-readable EPDs”, transferring some of the information of an EPD into a machine-readable format.

List of machine-readable EPDs

Some of the machine-readable EPDs that are currently published can be found here:

Machine-readable EPD

Machine-readable EPD-information is stored in a file format in a separate database hosted by the International EPD® System that can be used for different applications and will open new ways to make use of the communication of the environmental performance of products. All digitalized data is linked to the EPDs published in the International EPD® System and therefore enables communication of environmental impacts of products in a quantitative, credible, comparable and understandable way based on an established communication format.

Background of the format development

Following developments in the International Open Data Network for Sustainable Building (InData), the structure and format of the data is aligned with the format discussions in the InData network.

The InData initiative is based on already existing instruments, and standards. It thus uses the so called ILCD+EPD data format. The ILCD data format, developed by the European Commission’s DG JRC, is widely used in the LCA context. Extensions had to be added to integrate EPD specific information (e.g. scenarios, modules, type of data). The chosen format offers a high flexibility, which allows for the adaption of related specific national requirements or changes in the underlying standards (e. g. amendments M350 of EN 15804) in future.


Sustainability considerations in the construction sector are of growing interest and even recommended by the European construction product regulation (CPR). LCA at building level is a central instrument for the evaluation of environmentally relevant sustainability aspects. The required material data is given in environmental product declarations (EPD) based on calculation methods according to European or International Standards (e.g. EN 15804, ISO 21930). Meanwhile, there is an increasing demand of data in digital format.

The transformation of EPD-information into the machine-readable format will broaden the opportunities for the application of EPD information in areas, such as public procurement, building assessment tools and other environmental calculation tools.

Creating machine-readable EPDs

When an EPD is registered, a machine-readable file may be created by the Secretariat upon request. This may be subject to a fee. The company may also provide a ready xml-file during registration to be published in the database. The information in the machine-readable file is based on the information from the EPD. Information on how to create machine-readable EPDs can be found here

For more information about machine-readable EPDs please contact the Secretariat