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International Cooperation

Mutual recognition of EPDs between the International EPD® System and IBU.

International Cooperation

As part of the objectives, the International EPD® System is seeking cooperation and harmonisation with other environmental declarations programmes and initiatives (national, regional, sectorial, etc.) to help organisations broaden the use of EPD on an international market.

International collaboration mainly takes three different forms:

  1. Establishment of Regional programmes based on, and fully aligned with, the International EPD® System. In selected countries and regions, selected local organisations offer the EPD helpdesk, marketing, EPD registration and promotion of the International EPD® System.
  2. Bilaterial mutual recognitions with established programme operators. To broaden the findability (and possibly also recognition) of EPDs in certain markets, a voluntary dual registration of EPDs has been made possible with some other programme operators that act in accordance ISO 14025.
  3. International collaboration platforms, PCR harmonisation activities, and standardisation.