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EPD International Stakeholder Conference

EPD International Stakeholder Conference

EPD International Stakeholder Conference 2020

The EPD International Stakeholder Conference 2020 will take place online on Tuesday, November 10th.


Online, by using Zoom (via browser or app).


Tuesday, November 10th 2020

About the conference

The 8th EPD International Stakeholder Conference is expected to gather EPD stakeholders from industry, academia and other sectors for a chance to learn about the latest developments in the world of Environmental Product Declarations. Due to COVID-19 we can unfortunately not meet-up in Slovenia this year as planned, but when the situation allows, Knauf Insulation and the International EPD System will welcome you in Slovenia in 2021, instead.

The theme of the event is “Access for all - the world needs credible, digital and harmonized environmental performance data”.

The topics of the event will be:

  • Credible data: A strong EPD brand and third-party verified environmental performance data are key when decisions require a life cycle perspective.
  • Digital solutions: The product-specific information in an EPD is increasingly used when calculating the environmental performance of various items.
  • Harmonisation on all levels: Finding acceptance of EPDs by working on global standardisation with public and private actors.

We are very much looking forward to e-connecting with you on November 10 during one of our two identical online Annual Stakeholder Conferences.


The registration is (as always) free of charge. You can join us online on one of our two identical online conferences via Zoom, either:

  • Tuesday (Nov. 10, 2020) 09:00 – 11:30 hrs. UTC+1h/ CET - REGISTER HERE
  • Tuesday (Nov. 10, 2020) 17:00 – 19.30 hrs. UTC+1h/ CET - REGISTER HERE

We will open up the lines 15 minutes before the start of the conference. 



Please find the preliminary agenda for the event below. The agenda may be subject to changes.





Word of Welcome

Elin Eriksson, Chairman Board of Directors EPD International


This is the EPD International Stakeholder Conference 2020

Sebastiaan Stiller, Sebastian Welling, EPD International

Part 1

"Food for thought" served in 3 parts


EU Level(s) for Sustainable Buildings

Josefina Lindblom, policy officer at DG Environment, European Commission


Mainstreaming building LCA principles of an Open Database Network for product data

Christian Donath, Managing Director, ECO Platform


Unified Search - a global material platform for certification systems

Kay Killmann, Head of Europe, Green Business Certification Inc.


Get some fresh air and a short coffee refiller

Part 2

EPD International warmly recommends:


EPDs - a global success

Sebastiaan Stiller, Director of Business, EPD International


PCR Partnership Program for harmonisation

Working towards global PCRs

Sven-Olof Ryding, Senior Advisor, EPD International


International Partner to the International EPD System



EPD Southeast Asia

An introduction to our new partner in Asia

J. Hanafi, D. Adiwaji, Directors, EPD Southeast Asia


EPD Egypt for Sustainable Development

An introduction to our new partner in Africa

N. Ayoub, Managing Director EPD Egypt


Introducing the IES EPD Portal

Sebastian Welling, Director of Operations, EPD International


Q&A on the new EPD Portal

Sebastian Welling, Sebastiaan Stiller, EPD International

11.25 - 11.30

End of the conference