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Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Image: Flickr/world wide. License: Public domain

EPD Stakeholder Conference 2013

The second EPD Stakeholder Conference took place in Bologna, Italy, on June 4th 2013. The presentations can be downloaded below.


Bologna, Italy
Date June 4th, 2013

The second EPD Stakeholder Conference welcomed about 100 representatives from industry, academia and other institution. Participants came to Bologna from at least eight different countries.

Some key items that were discussed were:

  • The new version of the General Programme Instructions were officially launched.
  • The idea of “net of PCRs” was introduced for the food sector to increase coordination of methodological issues across PCRs. 
  • Interesting EPD case studies were presented by companies such as Coop Italia, Barilla and BYK Chemie.
  • Important feedback was given on what the International EPD System should focus on going forward. Summarized by Massimo Marino, chairman of the Technical Committee, they were realiability, governance, harmonization between different systems and communication.


Agenda and Speakers

Due to technical issues the following two presentations were cancelled, but can be downloaded here: