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setting boundary

by: alina mathews 29 July 2012, 6:22:25 AM (GMT +1)

In the case of setting a system boundary for carbon footprinting, for a copper core electrical cable manufacturer, is it necassary to consider the use phase/ downstream of life cycle of the cable which includes laying down of the cable by the customer?

Re: setting boundary

by: C Foster 02 October 2012, 7:47:27 PM (GMT +1)

This particular PCR cover copper wire rods, i.e. the raw material that is used in the manufacturing of electrical cables. As it is an intermediate product with various applications, we are considering a cradle-to-gate approach. The PCR requests that qualitative information for the use and end-of-life treatment phases is provided. In a PCR for electrical cables, it might be relevant to consider use & end-of-life treatment phases depending of the scope of the study. For example, if electrical cables are studied only for high voltage energy transmission, it would be possible to give a cradle-to-grave approach. Carolina Scarinci (CIMM)

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