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by: 31 January 2020, 10:37:04 PM (GMT +1)

I think that RSL is utterly important to define for this product group.
We have been working with public orgaisations and architects to develop strategies for circular economy in procurement.
In order for it to be powerful it is important to know for how long the product is likely to be used before it is being replaced. Such statistical information should be possible to require for this type of commodity. If RSL is not provided, it should be required to present a scenario of results with low to high RSL over a period of 20 years (or what can be assummed to be the longest common lifetime in this product category.)
In the tool NOAH such secenarios will be included as a feature.


by: Gustav Sandin 03 February 2020, 8:08:52 AM (GMT +1)

Thanks for your comment. The comment has been sent to the appointed PCR moderator, and will be considered when preparing the final draft for review.

Best regards,

Gustav Sandin, Project manager Methodology and PCR, the Secretariat

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