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PCRs for serum

by: 16 June 2019, 5:06:20 PM (GMT +1)

Good afternoon.
My name is Marina. I am looking for relevant PCRs to develop an EPD for physiological serums for parenteral/irrigation purposes.
According to the porduct´s function, I would say that of the available PCRs, this would be the closest one to use as a reference/guidance.
I would appreciate any views on this comment or sharing any other PCRs you might know which could be applicable. I have not been able to identify others from the EC PEF pilot project or other EPD system´s websites.
Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Re: PCRs for serum

by: 17 June 2019, 4:13:33 PM (GMT +1)

Good afternoon,

I do not believe there is any PCR that covers the product category that you are interested in. The most closely-related PCR is likely https://www.environdec.com/PCR/Detail/?Pcr=11746.

If there is an interest to create an EPD for this product category, you are welcome to initiate the development of a new PCR. If you would like further information please contact the Secretariat.

Best regards,
Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

Re: PCRs for serum

by: Marina Isasa 17 June 2019, 7:59:39 PM (GMT +1)

Dear Kristian,
Thank you very much for your helpful indications. The PCRs suggested do indeed look more applicable for the product I am considering.
I do also believe that it would be interesting (and desirable) to start the PCR development process for these products. I would get in touch with the Secretariat as suggested.
Many thanks and kind regards,

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