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Disposable surgical drapes, gowns and air suits, used for patients, clinical staff and equipment

PCR for other surgical appliances

by: 16 June 2019, 4:49:03 PM (GMT +1)

Dear all,
My name is Marina and I am working on the development of an EPD for a set of surgical needle and thread. I have been searching for appropiate PCR that I could refer to as a guidance and for future certification purposes and this one seems to be the closest proxi I can get to the product under my study. I would appreciate any views on the appropriateness of the use of these PCRs for my product. Also on related PCRs you might be aware of (I have checked both the EC PEF website and other EPDs programmes with no success). Thank you in advance for your assistance. Kind regards, Marina Isasa

Re: PCR for other surgical appliances

by: Kristian Jelse 17 June 2019, 4:15:42 PM (GMT +1)

Dear Marina,

There is no PCR currently available for this product category. If there is an interest to develop such a PCR, please consider the PCR process here and the website and contact the Secretariat for further information.

Best regards,
Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

Re: PCR for other surgical appliances

by: Marina Isasa 17 June 2019, 8:01:01 PM (GMT +1)

Thank you Kristian for your answer. I would contact the secretariat re. the PCR development process.
Kind regards,

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