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by: 31 July 2018, 11:29:05 AM (GMT +1)

It would be a pleasure if I can give some advice that improve how the environmental impacts are assessed.

Yet I have not read it. But in general I have some thoughts that may be relevant. 
1) Landuse should be included. It has links to biodiversity which is critical. Even though it has to be much improved. Natural corridors for example is important to consider to allow animals and plants to migrate.

2) indirect landuse is relevant. We use the method Stepwise 2006 including this. 

3) the index for NMVOC is not correct. But it will not be critical. 

4) application of pesticides, will be important, also to consider that workers at the farm, may also work at other farms (ie expand the responsibility to secure the environmental health and safety).

My partner Niels Jungbluth at ESU recently  created an epd for espresso coffee. Please revise that.

An PCR on textile products is currently under development. Sandra Roos at SWEREA is leading that. Please revise that also.

Re: Generally

by: Emily Townsend 06 October 2018, 8:01:29 AM (GMT +1)

Thank you for your comments.
On consideration, we agree that Land use and possible health effects should be included in the PCR and will amend the document accordingly.

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