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Textile yarn and thread of natural fibres, man-made filaments or staple fibres

comments concerning product category

by: susanna caprotti 13 September 2012, 2:57:25 PM (GMT +1)

C1. The main comment is about the paragraph 2.2 “ Specification of the product” and in particular regarding to the content of Table 2.1, we have noticed that the examples/explanations presented in this table could lead the reader to use this PCR document for all the “man-made yarns and fibres”.
But expanding the CPC codes belonging to 264 group, is clearly evident that only the subclasses of the sewing thread, multiple/cabled yarn or yarn of synthetic staple fibres are included.
All the others man-made filament yarn and all the man-made filament tow and staple fibres must be associated to CPC Group 355 (Man-made fibres). The correspondence between the CPC codes and the HS 2007 codes is reinforcing our thesis.

At this moment you can find, on the open consultation stage, the PCR “CPC 355, MAN MADE FIBRES – SYNTHETIC” which was developed (with our contribution) by respecting in a very meticulous way the GPI, that expressly require to establish the product category through the CPC scheme.
We think that the definition of product category covered by your PCR has to be modified and adapted to the CPC scheme, by reporting, if necessary, also the reference to the correspondence with the HS 2007 classification.
In this way, both PCR 263-264 and PCR 355 can coexist without any overlapping in the product category.

Re: comments concerning product category

by: C Foster 24 July 2013, 9:36:11 AM (GMT +1)

Thank you for the comments here are the reply already informally submitted, C1 We specified CPC codes and HS2012 references Best regards Stefano Rossi

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