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Biodiversity and waste

by: 31 July 2018, 11:27:04 AM (GMT +1)

Hi again,
Now I have read the draft PCR.

My overall impression is that it is very well written.

I notice that you have already referenced to Jungbluth and Jannick Smith. 

In chapter 4.7 data quality you use the terms primary and secondary data, in a way that I think is not correct. Primary data is information that you receive from the creator of the data ( ie as measured) as is more common in specific data but not the same thing.

I appreciate your model for downstream activities. But I notice that you have not included how much of the packaged tea leaves is actually becoming a cup of the (ie how much is not sold and how much is wasted because it is old).

And finally the effects on biodiversity and workers health is not included.

Re: Biodiversity and waste

by: Emily Townsend 06 October 2018, 8:26:46 AM (GMT +1)

Thank you for your comments.
We consider that the wasted product is already included in the Product End-of-Life stage. However, we have added text to clarify this and require declaration of assumptions.
As per our response to your initial comments, we will include Land Use and Health impacts.

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