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Finished bovine leather

Alignment with Leather PEFCR

by: 06 May 2019, 9:37:45 AM (GMT +1)

I am writing on behalf of UNIC – Italian tanneries, to share a comment on the Finished bovine leather PCR (2011:13, version 2.01) which will expire next month.

We believe that the new version of this PCR should be aligned, where possible, with the Leather PEFCR developed during the PEF Pilot phase of the initiative Single Market for Green Products launched by the European Commission.

Above all, allocation rules should be aligned with the ones defined by the Cattle Model Working Group (CMWG) launched during the PEF Pilot phase.
References to other allocation methods should be removed from the Finished bovine leather PCR and in particular from paragraph “7.3 OTHER CALCULATION RULES” in order to avoid confusion for users.

Re: Alignment with Leather PEFCR

by: Kristian Jelse 08 May 2019, 4:15:09 PM (GMT +1)

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thank you for your comment. The process to update the PCR has not yet started, but we will highlight your comment to the PCR moderator when such an update is launched.

Best regards,

Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

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