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Validity of the EPD

by: Finisterre loran 14 November 2013, 9:14:21 AM (GMT +1)

This PCR states that in order to establish the validity of the EPD, fluctuation of the effects in the environmental footprint for any impact category must be assessed and reported in the LCA report, based on historic activity data (3 previous years).
The validity then is established depending on this fluctuations (less than 5%=3 years, between 5% and 10%=2 years, more than 10%=1 year).
This forces the company to make an LCA for the previous 3 years of EPD publication.

¿Why is this procedure asked in this PCR when no other PCR neither the General Program Instructions asks the same?

The General Program Instruction states that the "validity of the EPD is set at three years, after which the declaration must necessarily be revised and reissued".
Simpple and clear. ¿Why make this PCR more complicated?

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