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Containers of paper and paperboard, not elsewhere classified

Use phase

by: 24 January 2011, 10:38:18 AM (GMT +1)

Exported from the old forum - Jul 12 2010 13:19 -

I think that to not include USE PHASE for some kind of containers shoud introduce a problem about CO2 storage. For product with a long life (for example CD, DVD etc) not considering use phase exclude the possibility to take into account the CO2 storage. I propose to consider the possibility to include Use phase as an optional phase. /Emanuela Scimia

Re: Use phase

by: C Foster 24 January 2011, 11:39:27 AM (GMT +1)

Exported from the old PCR Forum - Sep 29 2010 15:52 - Dear Emanuela, Thank you for your comment. The following statement is included in the PCR: "Delayed emission due to products with a long life span may be included using the approach of the upcoming ISO 14067 standard." When developing the PCR, it seemed like a good idea to await further consensus on calculation of delayed emissions before including it in the document. This may be reconsidered when the PCR is updated. Best regards, / Kristian Jelse, PCR moderator 32153

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