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by: Emanuel Lourenço 26 September 2013, 2:57:27 PM (GMT +1)

I have been analyzing some EDP and I’m wondering where does the data that is used to quantify - Non-renewable resources: (Material resources and energy resources) and Renewable resources (Material resources and energy resources) for the upstream core and downstream, come from?

Dose this data come directly from the databases (ecoinvent; PE-GaBi…) of the LCA software’s or is this data taken directly from the inventory, that’s developed to carry out the LCA?

If no dada is available, can these fields be left in blank?

Thank you


by: C Foster 27 September 2013, 9:00:01 AM (GMT +1)

Hi Emanuel, The resources are the elementary flows crossing the system boundary in the Life Cycle Inventory, carried out in accordance with ISO 14040/14044 and the General Programme Instructions. These data could come both from databases or from unit processes that you have inventoried yourself; it depends on whether you are yourself describing unit processes related to extraction or similar, or processes that only take non-elementary inputs. I do not understand your question regarding leaving this fields blank -- I would say that elementary flows for resources are always present in a correct and full description of the life cycle of a product system. Best regards, Kristian Jelse, Secretariat of the International EPD System

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