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Electricity, steam and hot water generation and distribution

Pollutant emissions

by: 24 January 2011, 1:15:56 PM (GMT +1)

Exported from the old PCR Forum: // Caroline Setterwall, Mar 15 2007 15:16 // I propose to require further pollutants to be reported in the declaration according to the following:
PCR section: 7.5.1 Environmental performance declaration - Minimum set of parameters from the LCA study, reported per declared unit

Pollutant emissions

Output parameters: impact categories and inventory data

Environmental impact categories given by the Programme Requirements, section 3 Declaration requirement and format, paragraph 3.3
LCI emission data supporting the environmental impact categories (main contributions)
LCI emissions of radioactive isotopes in kBq, at a minimum C-14, Rn-222 and Kr-85
LCI emissions of CO2 with biological origin
LCI emissions of particle matter (PM) preferably in separate categories of particle size (at a minimum a qualitative description of particle size)
LCI emissions of toxic substances
LCI emissions of oil to water and ground

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