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Research and development services in natural sciences and engineering (expired 2019-06-26)

PCR on services 2.0

by: Marcus Wendin 24 September 2015, 9:09:48 AM (GMT +1)

Reading this PCR I realize that the LCA field has developed much since 2012.
I suggest that we update this regarding some issues:

Selling knowledge often means that you create and deliver it by taking part of meetings and conferences (i.e. hotels nights) and you have to purchase access to information (i.e. ecoinvent)
and tools (i.e. SimaPro). Theese services are today excluded but should be included most easily by using hybrid LCA (I/O tables).

The transports for travelling may be an opportunity to improve. I think that ecoinvent is to rudimentary for  detailed assessment. Instead I suggest country specific databases (i.e. NTM).

The electricity used may be improved by reducing it and by exchanging to sustainable production methods. It is relevant to tell the audience about the result in both.

The heat used may come from burning waste and wood residues. Here we have to consider wheither the waste burned would have been possible to recycle as material instead. We will propably have to burn some waste even in the future but we should not encourage burning of materials .
The wood residues may came from sustainable managed forests or not. That is a huge difference on how it is regarded as renewable or not. That has to be considered in the future.

Lokking forward to developing this with you. 

Re: PCR on services 2.0

by: C Foster 28 September 2015, 4:21:59 PM (GMT +1)

HI Marcus,

Very interesting thoughts on the content of this PCR. I have asked the PCR moderator to have a look at them and to reply to this thread.

Best regards,
Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

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