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Nonwovens for other purposes than clothing (de-registered; replaced by PCR 2012:01)

PCR and product chain

by: Luca Sordi 31 July 2013, 8:14:59 AM (GMT +1)

Your  PCR should be potentially connected to other PCRs.
We suggest you to reported a sentence like this (reported also in other PCRs):
“In case of production chain, this PCR document can be potentially connected to the following PCR documents:
• PCR Plastic waste and scrap recovery (recycling) services (CPC 8942)
• PCR Plastics in primary forms (CPC 347)
• PCR Textile yarn and thread (CPC 263 & 264)
• PCR Man-made fibres - synthetic (CPC 355)”
• […]

Re: PCR and product chain

by: C Foster 01 August 2013, 4:08:21 PM (GMT +1)

Yes, this sentence will be reported in the updated PCR.

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