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Fruits and nuts, except kiwi fruit (replaced; de-registered)

PCR 013 - Fruits and nuts

by: Filippo Sessa 03 April 2012, 10:03:37 AM (GMT +1)

Dear George,
i have just a few remarks:

- I think that n the core processes management of by-products and of final waste should be excluded.
- In the downstream processes maybe it's better to consider the transport to the distribution center rather than to the consumer, since less information are usually available about this last phase.
- You wrote: "CO2 removals by crop and weed photosynthesis may be included, with the exception of the amounts stored in the harvested products which shall not be included". I think that, according to PAS 2050, CO2 of weed and pruning residues should not be considered since it is expected to return in the atmosphere in less than one year.
- You wrote "Operations for the transformation of land use, if the crop life time is expected to be less than 25 years". Isn't it too much? Maybe 10 years is better.

Best regards,

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