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No reference to NTNU 2008 NPCR 003

by: Tom Gloria 14 February 2012, 2:23:27 AM (GMT +1)

This PCR was created at the same time the NTNU NPCR 003 was in place for 2008 until 2011. NPCR 003 is now no longer valid, however, how did this PCR become valid during the period of 2009 through 2011?

Re: No reference to NTNU 2008 NPCR 003

by: C Foster 20 February 2012, 8:51:42 AM (GMT +1)

Dear Tom, The PCR does make reference to NPCR 0003 -- please see Section 2 "General Information". It was one of several reference documents used during the development of this PCR within the International EPD System. Best regards, Kristian Jelse, PCR Moderator "Seats"

Re: No reference to NTNU 2008 NPCR 003

by: C Foster 26 February 2012, 3:36:24 PM (GMT +1)

Kristian, thank you for your reply. On page 4 of the environdec PCR 2009:02 document for seating, the NTNU 2005 version was referenced, but not the updated NTNU 2008 version. From your comment, I assume you were aware of the 2008 version: http://www.epd-norge.no/getfile.php/PDF/PCR/NPCR003-Seating%20updatedA.pdf And if so, since the NTNU 2008 PCR was valid for the time period of publication environdec PCR, can you please elaborate on the areas that the environdec PCR differs from the NTNU PCR? Many thanks, Tom

Re: No reference to NTNU 2008 NPCR 003

by: C Foster 19 March 2012, 3:55:07 PM (GMT +1)

Tom, I would be surprised if it wasn't the 2008 version that should be referenced here, but as I joined the process quite late, I cannot say that with 100% certainty. Looking quickly at the NPCR 2008 version, I cannot see any major changes in data quality requirements, system boundaries or allocation methods, why I believe this PCR to be harmonized with both versions. 100% alignment is unfortunately not possible due to different Programme Instructions in different EPD programmes. There is ongoing work to increase such harmonization, i.e. through GEDnet, where the International EPD System is a long-term member and the Norwegian EPD System joined in December 2011: http://gednet.org. Best regards, Kristian Jelse, PCR Moderator "Seats"

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