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Life Cycle Perspective

by: Marcus Wendin 11 December 2013, 10:16:17 AM (GMT +1)

Hi all,
Much is now happening on the building sector.
For large projects, public procurement is developing a procedure for "verifiable LCA data" in the whole chain of a project.
General PCR for building and roads are in place.
There is also a format related to a PCR, for Verifying an EPD.

I look forward to taking part of this PCR as we are also doing LCA for a Lift now!
/Marcus Wendin at MILJÖGIRAFF

Re: Life Cycle Perspective

by: C Foster 18 December 2013, 1:53:03 PM (GMT +1)

Hi Marcus, I'm glad to hear that you see an increased interest for EPDs in the building sector and for lifts. I would also like to add the food sector, and some specific product groups such as trains, absorbent hygiene products, pumps and others where there is a great interest for EPDs right now. Best regards, Kristian Jelse, The International EPD System

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