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Nonwovens for other purposes than clothing (de-registered; replaced by PCR 2012:01)

Lack of consistency for EPDs

by: Rita Schenck 09 June 2013, 7:30:41 PM (GMT +1)

This draft PCR for non-woven materials allows for non-comparability of EPDs. In several locations, rules are set out, then followed by "deviation from these rules must be documented in the LCA and the EPD. This opens the opportunity for any kind of measurement to be done.
In the same fashion, allowing the use phase to ignore the consumer use nd disposal (but not requiring this) means that the results from different products may not be comparable. 

Re: Lack of consistency for EPDs

by: C Foster 29 July 2013, 4:26:14 PM (GMT +1)

It was eliminated the following sentence from the PCR: "Any deviation from these rules must be declared in the LCA and in the EPD". The part of "downstream" is replaced with the following text: "If primary data is available such sources should be used. In the absence of measured data, several hypotheses can be used on the product distribuition. These hypotheses and scenarios must be declared in the EPD. Distribution scenarios shall be defined at a more detailed CPC level. Downstream processes are optional and must be specified separately in the EPD. In the case of downstream is included, the impact values must be specified separately to ensure comparability and to avoid wrong interpretation. Downstream processes are declared to be “optional”, since the LCA study shall in principle be a “cradle-to-gate” study."

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