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LCIA - Table 3

by: Rob Rouwette 16 November 2016, 11:02:17 AM (GMT +1)

Why are there two parameter units listed for AP, EP and POCP?
Doesn't EN 15804 only list one for each?

Re: LCIA - Table 3

by: C Foster 18 November 2016, 2:45:41 PM (GMT +1)

I have notified the PCR moderator of your question, and hope that she may provide an answer soon.

/Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

Re: LCIA - Table 3

by: C Foster 21 November 2016, 8:24:24 AM (GMT +1)

The following answer was provided by the PCR moderator:

The reason for having two different units for AP, EP and POCP is because the PCR considers two different impact assessment methods depending on the region in the world where the PCR is applied, including CML and TRACI. Although the two methods are addressing the same indicators (in that case AP, EP and POCP), they are not considering the same reference units for those indicators. For instance, TRACI measures Eutrophication Potential (EP) as kg N equiv. whereas CML measures the same indicator as kg PO43- equiv., which is why we have different two units for some indicators. Where we have only one unit is where the two methods use the same reference unit (e.g. GWP with kg CO2 equiv.).

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