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Fruit juices (expired 2019-03-24; being replaced)

Fruit juices(2)

by: Germana Olivieri 16 March 2011, 4:10:38 PM (GMT +1)

In Cap.7: Why “the transportation from final production to an average distribution platform” is included in the Core module and not in the Downstream module?
In Cap.7.3 “Allocation rules”: In some cases, for example, when the weight of the co-product is greater than the weight of the final product, you can not use the allocation mass criteria, so it may also be included within the economic allocation
In Cap.8: In “Fruit cultivation. This phase includes e.g. air and water emissions and emissions from energy wares used in the agriculture as well as emissions of nitrous gases.” Why there aren’t the emission to soil?
In Cap.8.1.3: In “Use of fertilizers” Which is the compartment relate the emissions in the table? Air, water or soil?
Thank you, Best regards

Re: Fruit juices(2)

by: C Foster 14 June 2011, 11:29:18 PM (GMT +1)

Dear Germana, thank you for your comments. I will consider them for the preparation of the draft final version that will be sent to the TC soon. Many regards. Massimo

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