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EPD Doors for public building

by: FERNANDEZ FERNANDEZ 27 November 2015, 10:48:11 AM (GMT +1)

Dear Sirs. I´m looking information about a metodology for Life Cycle Analysis of the process and design of wooden doors used in public building.

Yours sincerely. Carmen Fernandez, CETEM

Re: EPD Doors for public building

by: C Foster 27 November 2015, 1:01:13 PM (GMT +1)

Dear Maria Carmen,

There is unfortunately not a specific PCR available for doors in the International EPD System. There is only the general PCR available for cradle-to-gate EPDs of construction products. I would advise that you also look at the GEDnet PCR registry and in other major programmes for environmental declarations.

Best regards,
Kristian Jelse, Secretariat

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