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Virgin olive oils and its fractions

Corrections to the text of the PCR draft

by: Romeo Pavanello 13 December 2013, 3:17:59 PM (GMT +1)

Dear all,

please note that at pag. 12, paragrapf 8.3.2 TIME BOUNDARIES, there is an important part of the text which is missing. In the yellow box the text is cut and it is not possible to read it completely.

Also please note that at pag. 6, paragraph 3.Declared unit, the following text
"In any case, it shall be unambiguously described, so as to provide the basis for product comparison (see also 11.2.5)." refers to the wrong paragraph since 11.2.5 does not exist. The right reference is the paragraph 11.6.

Romeo Pavanello
Ambiente Italia srl

Re: Corrections to the text of the PCR draft

by: C Foster 18 December 2013, 11:35:56 AM (GMT +1)

Dear Romeo, Thank you for notifying us about this. I will upload a new version of the PDF with the yellow box expanded so that you may read all of the text. Best regards, Kristian Jelse, The International EPD System

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