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Electric wire and cables (expired 2008-06-28; de-registered)


by: 24 January 2011, 12:41:18 PM (GMT +1)

Exported from the old PCR Forum - Sep 14 2004 12:54 - This PSR for electric wire and cables puts very high requirements on including all processes within the life cycle, from extraction of raw materials to the delivery of the product. This means that data must be available for all inflows and outflows for every step in the manufacturing phase. Data from own manufacturing is not a problem and the generic data in tables 1 and 2 in the document provides you with the data needed for extraction of material- and energy resources. But in order to get data for all steps in between you have to ask all your suppliers of parts and substances to give you these. By experience this is known to be very hard and to develop an EPD with such high ambitions could be very time- and resource consuming. A recommendation is to make this part of the lifecycle voluntary. If it is relevant to make an exception for specific parts or substances with a significant impact on environment this has to be specified in the PSR so that everyone that is using the PSR has the same prerequisites for the LCA calculation. / Anne-Marie Imrell

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