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Paints and varnishes and related products (expired 2017-04-17)

Comments on draft 2013-10-28

by: Federico Corò 19 December 2013, 10:17:58 AM (GMT +1)

Functional unit (page 7)
- The expected typical life time can be rather arbitrary. It is advised to report the life time optionally or alternatively indicate an average life time for the sector in absence of specific values. It is advised exclude the life-time from the functional unit calculation, for instance kg/m2 and not kg/m2*yr.
- It is advised to include the packaging in the analysis and mention this in the paragraph relating to the functional unit.  

Upstream processes (p 9)
- It is advised to include tertiary packaging.

Downstream processes (p 10)
- If actual transport distances are not available or difficult to obtain, it is advised to allow the use of an average transport distance, e.g. 1000 km with a 32t lorry. It is advised to specify the average distance and the type of transport.
- For the modeling of disposal scenarios, it is advised to use (national) statistical data.   
Boundaries to other product life cycles (p 11)
- Cut-off rules are intended to support an efficient calculation procedure. They shall not be applied in order to hide data. In case the LCA database (e.g. ecoinvent) already contains information about infrastructures, it is not allowed to omit these data.

Use of resources (p 17)
- The following requirements on the resource declaration also apply. It is advised to formulate this phrase optionally: “the following requirements on the resource declaration may also apply”.

Federico Corò - Colorificio San Marco

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