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8of15_Poste Italiane's comments on PCR draft doc

by: Simona Condorelli 06 November 2013, 3:08:39 PM (GMT +1)

Para 7.1, first bullet: At the moment, it is impossible to separate energy consumed for production by energy used to climatise/illuminate/etc. the relevant buildings. Moreover, normally buildings are occupied by several functions, which makes the separation among business activities (financial services, mobile telephony services, insurance services…) even more difficult, if possible. As already done within IPC’s EMMS programme, we propose that we shall include in the monitoring the whole perimeter of activities. We could also try to elaborate a criterion for estimating the % impact of the various business segments on the total energy consumption. We are anyway interested in learning more about the calculation method implied in this separation between postal vs. other business.

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