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5of15_Poste Italiane's comments on PCR draft doc

by: Simona Condorelli 06 November 2013, 3:05:45 PM (GMT +1)

Para 6_"General Boundaries": Regarding the perimeter to be considered for measurement, please be aware that Poste Italiane is not able (nor we think it is correct to proceed in this respect) to separate activities directly concerning postal service from other more general activities (like, for example, HR management, strategic planning, external communication, etc.), which are anyway necessary for the company’s functioning. We might try to find a way to separate postal from non-postal activities (as you know, Poste Italiane provides a number of services, including financial, insurance, mobile telephony, consultancy, etc., whose activities and relevant emissions are so far included in the EMMS monitoring, but may be should be separated, for a more correct comparison with other postal operators.). Interested in exchanging views on this with both IPC and other PPOs.

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