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Approval and Publication Phase

The approval and publication of PCR documents include the following elements: 1. Preparation of final draft PCR 2. PCR review 3. Publication of PCR 4. Annoucement of publication

Preparation of final draft PCR

The PCR moderator and PCR Committee shall prepare the final draft PCR. The final draft shall take the comments received during the open consultation procedure into due consideration and endeavour to resolve conflicting responses from the open consultation.

The PCR moderator and PCR Committee shall make a summary of the comments received and the proposed changes to the document and publish the summary on the PCR Forum. Names or contact information shall only be published for those stakeholders that have agreed to this. The PCR moderator and PCR Committee should also reply individually to all stakeholders that have provided comments during the consultation.

The PCR moderator and PCR Committee shall prepare a report that includes a description of the open consultation process, the parties invited to and participating in the consultation, the comments received and how they have been handled. In case certain comments are not considered, this shall be justified.

The PCR moderator shall send the final draft PCR and the associated report to the Secretariat for review by the Technical Committee.

PCR review

The final draft PCR shall be reviewed by the Technical Committee functioning as the PCR review panel, supported by the Secretariat. Members of the panel shall recuse themselves from the PCR review in the event they have any conflicts of interest. The review shall have a chair who shall be independent of the industries producing and supplying the products covered by the product category or supplying to them.

The review shall address:

  • whether the choices regarding LCA-based content (system boundary, allocation rules, etc.), parameters/indicators, and additional environmental information are made according to the General Programme Instructions,
  • whether the PCR development process has been done according to the General Programme Instructions, and
  • how the PCR moderator and PCR Committee handled the feedback received during the open consultation.

The results of the review should be documented in a PCR review report and shall lead to:

  • the full acceptance of the draft PCR,
  • the acceptance of the draft PCR with comments to be fulfilled, or
  • the need for further clarification and amendments.

The PCR review report shall not be published but should be available upon request.

The PCR moderator and PCR Committee shall ensure that the review comments are considered in the preparation of the final version of the PCR document. In the event the TC needs further clarifications or amendments to the text, the PCR moderator is responsible for providing a new draft version of the PCR.

Publication of PCR

When the PCR document has been approved, the Secretariat shall prepare the final editorial changes, assign a registration number, and publish it on the website together with associated information. This information includes PCR name, scope, UN CPC code(s), registration number, version number, contact information for the PCR moderator, and a list of members in the PCR Committee.

The Secretariat shall set a period of validity for the PCR in the range of three to five years. The period of validity of the PCR should be set at a reasonable and sufficient length of time not only to safeguard market stability but to ensure that the rules and guidance are current.

Annoucement of publication

The PCR moderator shall inform the PCR Committee and other stakeholders involved in the process about the final outcome of the work and publication of the PCR. The Secretariat should announce the publication at www.environdec.com, newsletter or via other communication channels.