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Lifts (elevators) (expires 2020-10-14)

PCR information

A complementary PCR (c-PCR) to the general construction product PCR (2019:14) is currently being developed to replace this PCR. The draft c-PCR is available for open consultation until 2020-06-01, see further information here.

This document (version 1.1 of PCR 2015:05) provides a PCR for the assessment and declaration of the environmental performance (by means of an EPD) of lifts (elevators), which is a sub-set of UN CPC 4354 Lifts, skip hoists, escalators and moving walkways, More information about the product group can be found in the PCR.

As the construction industry is the main customer of the lift sector, the standards EN 15804 and ISO 21930 are used as underlying standards whenever their requirements fit the characteristics of the product considered in this PCR. Full conformance of this PCR with the above-mentioned standards is not intended.

This PCR also specifies further and additional minimum requirements on EPDs specific of the product group defined below, complementary to the above mentioned general requirement documents.

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Detailed information

Name: Lifts (elevators) (expires 2020-10-14)
CPC Codes:4354 Lifts, skip hoists, escalators and moving walkways
Date of publication: 2015-10-14
Registration number: 2015:05
Date of expiration: 2020-10-14
Version: 1.1
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2014-2016)
Based on: PCR Basic Module: General purpose machinery
Related PCR: Under development - Lifts (elevators) (c-PCR to PCR 2019:14)
Other contributors:

Version 1.0 was developed by the ELA PCR for Lifts Working Group with the input from (alphabetically ordered):

- Blain Hydraulics
- GMV S.p.A.
- Hydroware AB
- Orona
- OSMA Aufzüge
- Otis Elevator Company
- Schindler Elevators Ltd.
- Schmidt+Sohn Aufzüge
- ThyssenKrupp Elevator
- VFA-Interlift
- WITTUR Holding GmbH

Carbotech AG, Dr. Ana Maria Lorente Lafuente, Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, IQC GmbH, Technische Universität Berlin

Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: European Lift Association (ELA), and the Ecological Performance Work Group of ELA
Appointed PCR moderator: Stella Bedeuer   European Lift Association (ELA)

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