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Being updated - Preserves and preparations of meat



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This PCR will expire soon and is currently being updated. The open consultation will start with an e-mail invitation to
identified stakeholders to the product group as representatives of different organisations. Any stakeholder is welcome
to provide comments during this phase of the PCR development.

Please contact the PCR moderator (contact information below) if you are interested in participating in the preparation
of this PCR or if you would like to receive a notification when the first draft is available for open consultation.

Dates are preliminary and subject to change.


This document constitutes Product Category Rules (PCR) developed in the framework of the International EPD® System: a programme for type III environmental declarations according to ISO 14025:2006. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD®) are voluntary documents for a company or organisation to present transparent information about the life cycle environmental impact for their goods or services.

This PCR covers all products under UN CPC class 2117 (Preserves and preparations of meat, meat offal or blood) as well as its underlying subclasses.

The PCR document may be downloaded in PDF format on the right side of this page. The free registration will also enable you to post comments on the PCR Forum.

Your use of this material is subject to the General Terms of Use published on by EPD International AB:s homepage at https://www.environdec.com/contact/General-terms-of-use/.  If you have not registered and accepted EPD International AB:s the General Terms of Use, you are not authorized to exploit this work in any manner.

Detailed information

Expired This PCR has expired. Read more
Name: Being updated - Preserves and preparations of meat
CPC Codes:2117 Preserves and preparations of meat, meat offal or blood
Date of publication: 2016-05-26
Registration number: 2016:05
Date of expiration: 2020-05-26
Version: 1.11
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 3 (2017-)
Based on: PCR Basic Module: Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats
Related PCR: Meat of mammals
Meat of poultry
Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: Life Cycle Engineering
Appointed PCR moderator: Sonia Pignatelli  Life Cycle Engineering

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