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Concrete (de-registered; replaced by sub-PCR-G)

PCR information

This PCR has been replaced by sub-PCR-G to PCR 2012:01.

Detailed information

Expired This PCR has expired. Read more
Replacing : PCR 2005:07 Concrete (de-registered)
PCR 2008:04 Concrete roof coverings (de-registered)
Name: Concrete (de-registered; replaced by sub-PCR-G)
CPC Codes:375 Articles of concrete, cement and plaster
3751 Non-refractory mortars and concretes
3752 Boards, blocks and similar articles of vegetable fibre, straw or wood waste agglomerated with mineral binders
3753 Articles of plaster or of compositions based on plaster
3754 Tiles, flagstones, bricks and similar articles, of cement, concrete or artificial stone
3755 Prefabricated structural components for building or civil engineering, of cement, concrete or artificial stone
3756 Other articles of cement, concrete or artificial stone
3757 Articles of asbestos-cement, cellulose fibre-cement or the like
Date of publication: 2013-02-12
Registration number: 2013:02
Date of expiration: 2018-02-12
Version: 1.02
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2014-2016)
Related PCR: Sub-PCR-G Concrete and concrete elements (EN 16757)
Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: WBCSD Cement Sustainability Initiative
Appointed PCR moderator: No appointed PCR moderator 
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

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