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Being updated - Other special-purpose machinery and parts thereof (expired 2019-01-24)



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PCR information

This PCR (draft version 4.0) was available for open consultation until 2020-05-01. It is now being updated based on comments received and the subsequent review.

Dates are preliminary and subject to change.

The PCR is updated to:

  • Prolong its validity
  • Comply with the latest General Programme Instructions, and other relevant developments
  • Being rewritten to include specific annexes for more specific product categories
  • Adding an annex for Flexible packaging printing machinery

This document (version 3.01) provides Product Category Rules (PCR) for the assessment of the environmental performance of UN CPC 449 “Other special-purpose machinery and parts thereof” and the declaration of this performance by an EPD. It contains the following annexes with further specifications for more detailed product categories:

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Detailed information

Expired This PCR has expired. Read more
Replacing : PCR 2002:02 Electrical manipulation industrial robot (de-registered)
Name: Being updated - Other special-purpose machinery and parts thereof (expired 2019-01-24)
CPC Codes:449 Other special-purpose machinery and parts thereof
Date of publication: 2010-05-12
Registration number: 2010:08
Date of expiration: 2019-01-24
Version: 3.01
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 2 (2014-2016)
Based on: PCR Basic Module: Special-purpose machinery
Other contributors:

Studio Fieschi, AFIDAMP

Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: Marcel Gómez Consultoria Ambiental, CDEI-UPC, Engloba Consulting, Representatives of the sector of Spanish manufacturers of flexible packaging printers have been involved in the development process.
Appointed PCR moderator: Marcel Gómez Ferrer  Marcel Gómez Consultoria Ambiental

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